Wouldn’t it be amazing if…

04/08/2020 1 minute read
Written by Claire

How often do you think ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if…’? Now ask yourself, how many of your ‘amazing ifs’ actually come to life? I’m guessing a handful at best. But imagine how powerful it would be to bring one amazing idea to life each quarter…or each month…or each week? That would certainly add up to a significant improvement over the course of a single year.

‘Amazing if..’ questions work in every area of life and business. From a marketing perspective, you may have thought:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if…

  • your website reflected your expertise?
  • our digital marketing generated leads?
  • your brand was so strong it attracted business and you had to work less hard generating leads.

Very often, we get engrossed in the busy-ness of everyday life that the big ticket items – the things that we know will make the biggest difference – drop down the priority list.

Bringing ideas to life

How much might a single ‘amazing if’ project impact your customers and prompt them to refer? How much might a single ‘amazing if’ help to bring in new business? How much might a single ‘amazing if’ elevate your brand and differentiate you from the competition?

No doubt there are a few initiatives that would make a huge difference to your business. But we all know that an idea is one thing, making it happen is quite another. You’ve got to overcome some hurdles:

  • What needs to happen to this idea to make it applicable to my customers, my industry, my company’s way of working?
  • What isn’t happening whilst we’re focusing on this initiative?
  • Is the pay-off going to be worth it?

Even small ideas require detailed thinking and discipline to get ‘over the line’.

Most people – including your competitors – won’t have the tenacity to work on their what ifs and see them through to the very end.  This means that bringing just a few critical ‘what ifs’ to life will differentiate your offering.

So if you’ve got a few marketing-related ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if’ ideas in your head, share them with us, we’d love to bring them to life for you.