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Why a Goldcrest?

Goldcrest Marketing | Story part

Our Goldcrest story

Goldcrests are small birds with feathers of a very ordinary shade of brown. At first glance you might think they are a sparrow… until you see their amazing hat of bright gold.

Spotting a goldcrest makes your day; you remember them and talk about them to other people; you return to the same spot to find them again.

Goldcrest Marketing | Story part
Goldcrest Marketing | Story part

So many great businesses are like goldcrests.

To the passing observer they’re nothing special, but if you study them more closely, there are flashes of gold – great service, innovative ways of working, real passion and deep expertise.  These businesses are great at what they do and it’s a pleasure for their clients to work with them.

Their main problem is that not enough people notice them. Our job is to get them noticed, to unveil their ‘gold hats’ to more people – with clever, results-driven marketing.