Marketing Podcasts Worth A Listen

18/02/2021 2 minutes read
Written by Claire

The world of marketing never stands still. Even though it’s what we do day in, day out, we are always learning. We get ideas from everywhere, including other marketing professionals. Here are a few marketing-related podcasts we’d recommend you have a listen to.


1) The Marketing Meetup

“The Marketing Meetup” podcast is one we’ve been subscribed to for a while now and we never miss an episode. Produced by marketers, for marketers, “The Marketing Meetup” is a great place to gain insight into the industry and hear other marketers’ stories. The host, Joe Glover, founder of The Marketing Meetup, interviews and holds talks with a range of marketing professionals, covering everything from ‘how to fix the marketing sales funnel’ to ‘how to build an amazing personal brand.’

You can stream “The Marketing Meetup” podcast here.


2) The Goal Digger

Another podcast that inspires us is Jenna Kutcher’s “The Goal Digger Podcast”. She talks sense…but she also talks fast! Ideal for small business owners and really aimed at B2C, but lots of principles that can apply in B2B.

Click here to listen to “The Goal Digger” podcast.


3) Everyone Hates Marketers

“Everyone Hates Marketers”, a down-to-earth podcast with actionable marketing tips is also on our list for anyone looking to up their strategy. Host Louis Grenier says his podcast is “for people who are sick of shady, aggressive marketing”. Grenier understands exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing and passes this information to listeners in a feel-good, no-nonsense manner.

You can catch up on “Everyone Hates Marketers” here.


4) Marketing Over Coffee

“Marketing Over Coffee”, hosted by John H Wall and Christopher S Penn is great for those days when you need a little bit of inspiration but don’t have much time. Recorded from a coffee shop in 20-minute bites, Wall and Penn have fun, informal discussions about classic and new marketing methods, hashing out what works and what doesn’t.

Click here to explore the “Marketing Over Coffee” podcast.


5) The Marketing Mentor

Ilise Benun hosts an inspiring weekly podcast about how designers, copywriters, photographers, and other creatives are growing their businesses. Ilise speaks to professionals in a wide range of fields to uncover real-world strategies for taking control of your business and reaching valuable clients.

Click here to catch up on “The Marketing Mentor” podcast.